Afghan Taliban threatens Prince Harry! (Video)

The Afghan Taliban threatens Prince Harry in their typical cowardly way. They did it by telephone. The young Prince Harry is the target of either kidnapping or death according to the caller.

The Huffington Post reports, “The Afghan Taliban said on Monday they were doing everything in their power to try to kidnap or assassinate Britain’s Prince Harry, who arrived in Afghanistan last week to fly attack helicopters.”

Prince Harry is the Queen’s youngest grandson, and he is on the front lines in Afghanistan. Why do they want to kill him? The Taliban wants to kill anyone with whom they disagree. One can’t help but get angry with the senseless killing and kidnapping which the Taliban professes as a Holy War.

When Americans and British think of Holy, we don’t think of beheading, and religious Jihad! Only one religion I know of calls for the kidnapping and death of Prince or any innocent victim. May God Almighty send his angels to keep Harry safe.

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