Aflac Duck Looking for a New Voice: Is It You?

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Aflac wants a new voice for its duck, and they are holding open auditions. The mascot’s voice was Gilbert Gottfried for 10 years. Aflac fired Gottfried when he made some tasteless jokes about Japan’s earthquake and tsunami.

The company is not looking for actors, but wants to open up the quack-talent contest to all new comers. If someone thinks he or she has a voice that is annoying enough, that person might want to try out for the coveted role as the mascot for the insurance company.

According to MSNBC, “Aflac Inc. will begin accepting submissions on Wednesday in the search for someone to replace Gilbert Gottfried, who was ousted last week after voicing the duck for more than 10 years because he made insensitive remarks on Twitter about the earthquake and tsunami in Japan.”

The company says that there is a tremendous talent pool, and Aflac may do better opening the opportunity to everyone. Can you quack? If you want to try out, submit a 30-minute video with your best “Aflac” to Quackers should have fun with the voice and remember to be creative. They are not looking for Gottfried; they look for you!


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