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Rockets launched in sync

Tracking private zenith's

Panorama of heaven’s whole

Each share an equally coveted canvas

Intransigent goal worthy of my


Fire and powder

Throw nets of glittering color

As the volunteer catch

Flash freezes its latest thrill

Now the show must end

For darkness may only hide

So much smoke and ash


Distance the flawed

So easily identified


Like a coward

Amid those mocking

Surety of subjectivity

Disrespecting “courtesy”

Safely aligned

Smart decisions avoid

The risk of being


Compassion glows

Touching a heart at once

Catalyzing love and kindness

Soul’s soothing broth

Given freely in the throes

Of emptiness for lack of

The recipe

Which could be this:

What you are and what you do

Are not the same

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