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Are you curious about the modern techniques and ingredients often lumped under the controversial term “molecular gastronomy?” While I never ate at El Bulli or Alinea, and I don’t have copies of Nathan Myhrvold’s Modernist Cuisine I can’t help but wonder if cutting edge techniques have the ability to make food taste significantly better. And although I’ve yet to invest in the equipment to cook sous vide, I have enjoyed reading Harold McGee’s On Food and Cooking which has taught me a bit about food science.

This Thursday April 5th, the Exploratorium is hosting After Dark:Gastronomy from 6-10 pm. It will be a true hand’s on experience for those with curiosity when it comes to the modern techniques and ingredients that utilize our understanding of science. Modernist Cuisine‘s head chef and co-author Maxime Bilet and SeattleFoodGeek blogger Scott Heimendinger will demonstrate how tools such as centrifuges and homogenizers and ingredients like hydrocolloids and emulsifiers are used in culinary applications. Cooking for Geeks author Jeff Potter will also be on hand, and will demonstrate sous vide techniques with eggs.

Join me and lean how to make fruit juice “caviar,” liquid nitrogen ice cream and find out if you are a “super-taster” (and if that’s a good thing to be). Tickets are $15.

Exploratorium @
The Palace of Fine Arts
3601 Lyon Street
San Francisco, CA

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