Agree or Disagree – With Ron Paul on Census Questions

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Says Ron Paul:


One of the worst aspects of the census is its focus on classifying people by race. When government tells us it wants information to “help” any given group, it assumes every individual who shares certain physical characteristics has the same interests, or wants the same things from government. This is an inherently racist and offensive assumption. The census, like so many federal policies and programs, inflames racism by encouraging Americans to see themselves as members of racial groups fighting each other for a share of the federal pie.


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I agree.  By knowing one’s race, you cannot know much about a person except their race and possibly skin color, although that does vary, at least in shades.


One’s race or ethnicity does not tell you whether a person is a liberal/progressive or a conservative, as proven by the fact that there are Caucasians, Hispanics, African-Americans, Native Americans, Asians, Middle-Eastern backgrounds, and every mixture of persons in every political party.


One’s race or ethnicity does not tell anyone whether or not a person is of a certain faith or of no faith.


Race is not an indication of whether or not one is a good or bad person, whether one obeys the law or or does not.  It is not an indication of how much education anyone has.


Personally, I think that allowing the government to continue to focus on race breeds more racism, not less.


And, like people on one forum I found, I think when it’s time to answer the question(s) about race, we should all choose “other race” and then in the blank space to explain, we should write “American.”


According to numerous sources, the only Constitutionally sanctioned question is:  “How many persons are in your family?”


So, what do you think?  Is it really necessary for the government to separate us by race or color?  Does that help unite people?  Are you planning on answering all the questions on the Census form?


Note:  It has been said that it’s against the law to lie on the Census form.  If you leave out information that is not required by law, is that lying?


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