Airport Passenger Screener Arrested for Child Pornography

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An Airport passenger screener was arrested on child pornography charges at the Philadelphia International Airport.  This shocking news has come out as the Transportation Safety Administration (TSA) tries to figure out what to do about incidents such as these.

TSA officer Thomas Gordon Jr. was arrested by Homeland Security and is being held without bail.  News of the arrest is just coming out, but it is sure to have far-reaching and lasting effects when it comes to the public placing trust in the TSA.

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Gordon is accused of uploading explicit pictures of young girls to the internet along with a photograph of himself in his TSA uniform.  Those images are alleged to have been uploaded via Facebook, and it is very shocking that the TSA hasn’t alerted the public about these infractions.

It seems that it was a tip that may have brought Gordon down, with an investigation starting as far back as March 10.  It’s good that Gordon has been arrested, especially if all the charges levied against him turn out to be true.  Those charges include having 104 illicit photographs that he uploaded, more than 600 images on his personal laptop, and movies that contained child pornography.

The public relations department for the TSA is going to take a big hit for this one, and it is certainly going to elevate the fears that parents have when children are getting pat-downs from people like this.  The fact that he allegedly posted the photos while also revealing that he was a TSA agent might make this a tough task to overcome.

What do you think about this case?  Will you feel safe taking your kids through TSA screening now?  Or will this case make you think twice about flying?


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