Aishwarya Rai Baby Daddy Abhishek Bachchan Helps Amitabh Home from Hospital

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While Aishwarya Rai baby naming and news is in a lull, it appears one bit of news involves Beti B’s father and grandfather. Recently, her dad, Abhishek Bachchan, helped his dad Amitabh home from the hospital after his abdominal surgeries.

For weeks, the focus had been on Aishwarya Rai’s baby and her family. However, things took a serious turn when Amitabh Bachhan, the senior of the family, was admitted to the hospital for surgery. He had several complications, but luckily was able to recuperate to a level where he was able to be released.

During his stay, Senior Bachchan tweeted plenty of thoughts about life and staying in the hospital. However, just recently he tweeted the very good news on his Twitter account saying:

T 663 – HOME !! A joy to be back in familiar surroundings .. thank you all for your blessings and prayers .. I made it again !!

Not only was Amitabh touched by the kindness, thoughts, and prayers of strangers, but also of his own son. Beti B’s father, Abhishek Bachchan, is a dedicated family man. Amitabh tweeted:

T 663 – Abhishek drives down 5 hrs from location Wai just to see me home … drives back early tomorrow to join crew .. !! So touched !!

This is clearly a very tight-knit family who loves and supports one another. Say what you will about the Bachchans and their various controversies or media reports, but it is instances like this that show how deep this family goes. Once Beti B is older, she will certainly be proud of her father, and grandfather!

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