Aishwarya Rai Is Utterly Breathtaking in New Diamond Ad

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Aishwarya Rai’s looks impossibly beautiful in her latest ad for a South Indian jewellery company.

The campaign is for the Anokhi diamond line at Kalyan Jewellers, and the ad is the best of Aishwarya’s work for the company so far. She looks positively regal decked out as a traditional south Indian bride. Her hair is adorned with jasmine, heavy necklaces rest across her chest and neck, her hair falls in a long plait down her side, and she caps the look off with a stunning shingaar patti.

Though she’s still covered up in a very traditional suit (and posed in such a way as to hide her waist), Aishwarya’s slowly returning figure can still be made out. She looks trim and lovely—a far cry from just a few months ago, when her weight gave the media cause to be positively cruel in their coverage of her.

Here she looks fresh, the muted blue-tinted ad the perfect accompaniment to her smiling eyes. The executives at Kalyan must be incredibly pleased with themselves for having signed her for the account. She’s certainly doing the company—and herself—proud. up to date with the latest, breaking news about Aishwarya: subscribe to Aishwarya Rai News on Facebook today!

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