‘Aishwarya Rai Looked Like a Goodyear Blimp at Cannes’ Says Indian Media

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There are some people who will never be happy. Aishwarya Rai put on an amazing display of courage this week, walking the red carpet at Cannes despite the hateful and ridiculous coverage her weight has been given in recent months. She looked beautiful and that really ought to have been the end of the discussion, but some members of the media just couldn’t resist adding another jab or two to the pile.

http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/b/b6/Aishwarya_Rai_at_65th_Annual_International_Cannes_Film_Festival_%286%29.jpgBollywood Life, a Bollywood website thin on content and high on fluff, has gone so far as to refer to Aishwarya as a “Goodyear Blimp,” a reference to the massive hot air balloon that floats over sporting events in order to give fans a bird’s eye view.

In their Cannes roundup Bollywood Life‘s resident “CineSwami” (who purports to know a thing or two about cinema but generally ends up gossiping just as shallowly as the rest of the writers there) referred to “a Goodyear Blimp resembling Aishwarya” walking the red carpet. Aishwarya was also labeled a “non-entity,” as if she hasn’t been the only reason international audiences have had any exposure to Indian cinema at Cannes over the last decade.

So what exactly is the media’s problem with Aishwarya? Is it a simple matter of jealousy–of wanting to see a rich, successful, and beautiful woman fail? Or are there some who simply can’t tolerate the idea of a woman being anything less than a perfect sex symbol and therefore hate Aishwarya for not bowing to their demands?

Whatever the problem is, it’s getting old fast. Fans make up the majority of the readership of sites like Bollywood Life–hateful comments such as these are a sure way to ensure that those fans find other sites to read.

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