Aishwarya Rai vs Kareena Kapoor: Whose ‘Heroine’ Poster Was Hotter?

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Though it’s been more than a year since Aishwarya Rai last had any official involvement in Heroine, her name continues to be attached to the film. So when the official poster for the film (now featuring Kareena Kapoor) was revealed this week it drew inevitable comparisons to the discarded version which had been created while Aish was still part of the project.

The current poster features Kareena reclining backwards on a sofa of sorts, surrounded by magazines and a glass of wine. The image has drawn quite a bit of criticism for possibly being plagiarized (as has the second poster for featuring Bebo with a blatantly photoshopped waist).

Aishwarya’s poster was done in the style of a magazine cover, with her glamorous face surrounded by scandalous headlines. It should be noted that even Aishwarya Rai’s Heroine poster was plagiarized; Madhur Bhandarkar copied it directly from a Jackie Shroff film called Cover Story. The posters were nearly identical save for the face gracing each of them.

At some point, the comparison between Aishwarya’s Heroine and Kareena Kapoor’s Heroine will have to stop. Maybe once the actual film comes out and there’s something of substance to talk about (not that Bhandarkar’s film promises to contain much in the way of substance, but that’s another story) the Aishwarya connection will be forgotten.

In all honesty it’s probably for the best that Aish isn’t connected to the project anymore. Bhandarkar’s films are the Bollywood equivalent of the Lifetime channel–poorly written melodrama at best. Aishwarya was lucky to escape it. Bollywood? Want 24/7 updates on your favorite actors and actresses? Subscribe to Renee Shah’s Bollywood on Facebook today for interviews, news, videos, photos, and more!

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