Al Gore affair rumors hit newsstands – Did Laurie David lead to Al and Tipper Gore Split?

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Al Gore affair rumors have finally hit the newsstands. In fact, the June 28 issue of Star magazine, which hits the stands on Wednesday, reports that Al Gore and Laurie David did indeed have an affair for the past two years.

The report insinuates that the Al Gore affair was indeed the cause of the spilt from his wife of 40 years Tipper Gore. Laurie David was a producer on Al Gore’s film ‘An Inconvenient Truth’ for which he won an Oscar and a Nobel Prize.

Laurie David is the ex wife of Larry David who created Seinfeld and Curb Your Enthusiasm (one of my favorite shows to say the least). The couple divorced in 2007. At the time it was reported that Laurie David was cheating on Larry David with their Martha’s Vineyard summer home caretaker.

This really is too bad. Who knows if the Star report is actually true, but they certainly found someone to say it is true. I suppose time will likely tell. For her part, Laurie David denied any affair rumors to the Huffington Post. Do you believe it? Because the Al and Tipper Gore split was so surprising and sudden, I am tempted to believe that infidelity played a role in the split.

I suppose the biggest question, is can this family be healed? Should Al and Tipper Gore try to make a go of repairing their marriage? I would say yes. 40 years and kids and grandkids would be enough for me to at least try.

Source: Star Magazine

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