Al Gore Attacks Rupert Murdoch over Current TV

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Al Gore is fighting mad, and Rupert Murdoch is his target. The former vice-president claims Murdoch forced Current TV off Italian cable because the cable network hired Keith Olbermann. Is that possible?

al gore,current tv,al gore rupert murdoch,current tv sky italia,sky italia,news corpIt could be true. The Guardian reports that Current TV was directly informed that Sky Italia had to drop its broadcast three weeks ago because they hired the former MSNBC newscaster. But how did they find out?

Gore said in an interview that executives at the cable channel he co-founded heard off the record that News Corp, Murdoch’s company, made the decision in New York and sent the orders to their Italian cable company. If that’s the case, Murdoch sounds a bit scared of Olbermann.

Olbermann was critical of Fox News, another Murdoch property, quite often over his tenure at MSNBC and has shown no signs of stopping in his hiatus. This is understandable. Fox’s track record for truth-telling is abysmal.

Current TV was highly popular in Italy. One out of three Sky Italia viewers tuned in to it at least once a week before its distribution contract wasn’t renewed. So it clearly can’t be due to ratings or lack of interest.

Al Gore also noted that News Corp is trying to buy BSkyB, a UK firm that distributes Current TV in that country. He was understandably concerned about this, noting it could affect the British government’s review of the purchase on the grounds of “media plurality.”

It seems like Rupert Murdoch can’t handle the truth. He peddles fraud and lies, and when he’s called on it, he strikes back where he thinks he’s safest.

Gore calling him out over canceling Current TV in Italy will naturally cause the Fox News loyalists to claim it’s all nonsense. But those who embrace reality won’t be amazed by this—disgusted perhaps, but not surprised.

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