Al Gore compares Doubters of Global Warming to Racists

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Al Gore is taking his rhetoric on global warming to the next label, by using buzz words to prove his point! He’s comparing the disbelief in global warming to racism, which has gotten quite a few on the right, and the left, in a twist.

Al Gore has been on a crusade to save the planet since, well, forever. Now that he’s not really involved in politics, he has all the time in the world to fight for his cause. Sometimes, he gets a little passionate and this is one of those times.

“There came a time when people said, ‘Hey man, why do you talk that way? That’s wrong, I don’t go for that, so don’t talk that way around me. I just don’t believe that. That happened in millions of conversations, and slowly the conversation was won. And we still have racism, God knows, but it’s so different now and so much better. And we have to win the conversation on climate,” said Gore.

So is Al Gore right? Will those who deny manmade global warming eat their words eventually? Gore seems to think that this planet is being destroyed by mankind, while those on the far-right ignore the problem. Naturally, they’re hungry for money and power, and caring for the planet we all live on gets in the way of these dreams.

Bill Nye the Science Guy showed up on Fox News, again, in hopes to educate on the facts of global warming. If this interview is any inclination of how little some people grasp on the concept, then Gore is correct. Civilization is totally doomed.


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