Al Sharpton Denounces Sean Delonas New York Post Chimp Cartoon

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A New York Post chimp cartoon by Sean Delonas is at the center of the latest Al Sharpton controversy (see cartoon below). Sean Delona’s comic was supposedly lampooning yesterdayÂ’s chimp attack and the newly passed stimulus bill but Rev. Al Sharpton (Founder of the National Action Network) believes that Delonas’ New York Post cartoon is “troubling at best” in its racist connotations.

Al Sharpton believes that the police officersÂ’ statement in the New York Post Cartoon about having to “find someone else to write the next stimulus bill” compares President Barack Obama (and by extension, all African Americans) to apes.

Here’s the New York Post chimp cartoon that Al Sharpton is reacting to:


Personally I think while this can’t be called “racist” the New York Post monkey cartoon is certainly in bad taste. Sean Delonas should have known there were racial overtones to this comic. If he assumes his readers know this comic isn’t really about the chimp attack, he should assume they’re also savvy enough to make the same jump in logic to see these racial overtones. He obviously wanted this reaction, and I don’t know if it’s a good idea that Al Sharpton is giving it to him.

But what do you think about Al SharptonÂ’s reaction to the chimp attack comic?



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