Alan Grayson Lowers the Bar and Slides Under It in Campaign Video

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Democratic Rep. Alan Grayson from Florida is refusing to back down from a campaign video his campaign released attacking his Republican opponent, Daniel Webster. In prior remarks against Webster, Grayson accused Webster of being a draft dodger and of hating America. The former is false and the latter is dirty pool straight from the Republican punditry’s playbook.

This time, the Alan Grayson campaign has released a video edited to make it seem like Daniel Grayson said something he didn’t. Four times, the video makes it look like Webster is telling wives to submit to their husbands. However, what Webster was really doing was cautioning husbands against adopting that practice. The full quote was, “Don’t pick the ones [Bible verses] that say, ‘She should submit to me.'”

Video of Alan Grayson’s ad attacking Daniel Webster, long accused by the Right of only picking on their side, let loose on Rep. Alan Grayson with both barrels in their analysis of the ad. Not only did the ad manipulate a quote by Webster, it also distorted a vote Webster made twenty years ago in the Florida House of Representatives. He supported the creation of a “covenant marriage,” which would be a voluntary arrangement for couples limiting their divorce rights.

Video of Daniel Webster’s actual remarks at a religious conference in 2009

Alan Grayson has been pulling dirty tricks this entire campaign that look far too much like what was done to Democrats during the Bush years. Rough politics may be the order of the day, but lies that videotape prove are lies cannot be permitted to be the norm by either party. The National Democratic Committee should condemn Alan Grayson’s pandering to the culture of fear and fraud.

All that said, what of Alan Grayson’s claims that Daniel Webster wants to impose fundamentalist Christianity on the United States? While it may be hyperbolic to compare him to religious fanatics in Afghanistan and Iran, Webster does support a full ban on abortion, even in cases of rape and incest. This is an alarming trend in the Republican Party’s candidates these days.

Alan Grayson’s campaign would serve central Florida far better if it stuck to the truth. It is worrisome that the voters of his district must choose between a liar and a fundamentalist Christian who thinks his beliefs should be law and limit women’s rights.

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