Alan Jackson leaves record label, Sony

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Country star Alan Jackson and his record label, Sony Records have parted ways. Sometimes this can imply that a music artist is retiring or going to cut back significantly on their upcoming music endeavors, but other times it’s just personal preference.

A statement released by Sony Records says that the split was “amicable” and that Jackson had “‘delivered his final recordings’ to the label” Alan jackson at pentagon(via FOX News). The label was pretty vague and when asked for further information, they declined to comment.

Alan Jackson recently recorded a song with the Zac Brown Band but other than that, he hasn’t been doing much that the public is aware of. It’s for this reason that some of his fans believe that he is going to retire. However, he released a statement of his own to clear up any speculation.

“IÂ’ve had a great run with [Sony], going all the way back to the beginning of my career. IÂ’ve gotten to work with some real great people along the way and we accomplished a lot. It just seems to me like the time may be right to change things up a bit and see what comes next.”

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