Alec Baldwin Joins List of Hot Male Celebrities Who Do Yoga

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30 Rock star Alec Baldwin has joined the list of hot male celebrities who do yoga. Being engaged to a much younger woman and planning for their wedding night might have something to do with his need to increase stamina and flexibility; but regardless of his reasons for starting, the long-term health benefits of the fitness practice will certainly be worth it. That is, of course, if the aging actor can stick with it.

Yahoo Sports reports, “The newest male celebrity to participate in yoga… Baldwin recently became engaged to Hilaria Thomas, a yoga instructor.”

Other big name stars who also do yoga as part of their celebrity health and fitness routines are Robert Downey, Jr., Prince Harry, and Sting.

According to a Hollywood insider, even though Baldwin seems committed to improving his health for the benefit of his fiancée, he is having a harder time committing to the daily rituals of doing yoga.

Alec Baldwin by David Shankbone“Even though his friends say that both yoga and Thomas are responsible for helping him with his weight and his temper. Hopefully Baldwin will stick to yoga, and I have a feeling that if he sticks with Thomas he will be motivated to continue in the practice…” says the sports authority.

Considering Baldwin’s proclivity to escalate his blood pressure and throw temper tantrums on a regular basis when he’s angry at or about someone or something, it seems like making a conscious decision to embrace some form of meditative and calming ritual would do the celebrity good.

Had he been able to find his zen space a few months ago simply by focusing, maybe he would not have been kicked off that plane. Alec Baldwin was forcibly removed from an airplane when he refused to turn off his cell phone so the plane full of passengers could take off in a timely manner.

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