Alec Baldwin Pitches Groceries for Wegmans and Cancer Research? Does Ad with Mom

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Alec Baldwin is appearing in two holiday-themed grocery commercials for Wegmans, a New York based grocery chain. The woman in the ads is his real-life mother, Carol Baldwin, who is a cancer survivor and a big Wegmans fan. According to, Alec Baldwin filmed the spots on site in a local store where his mother regularly shops, using genuine store employees as extras. And real food appeared on the screen. What a concept!

Carol M. Baldwin Cancer Research Fund

Alec Baldwin

Baldwin, star of “30 Rock”, is being paid for the commercials, but he is donating the entire amount to the Carol M. Baldwin Breast Cancer Research Fund, which has already made donations to research, itself, of more than $2 million. His mom, a breast cancer survivor, considers supporting the fund a vital part of her life.

Just like a Christmas movie! Show biz family togetherness is a rare and newsworthy item. Apparently Alec Baldwin developed the idea after he appeared on “The Late Show with David Letterman”. He mentioned during the chat, that he wished his mother would move to California, but she had replied, “And leave Wegmans?” This kind of unusual brand loyalty sparked an idea, but for a donation, not for piling up more personal bucks.

Alec Baldwin’s Personal Plug

One of the ads, which play only in areas the chain serves, pushes ready-to-eat $6 meals, a specialty of Wegmans. Alec stared at it and, in what appeared to be an ad lib, said, “I can’t get a cup of coffee in New York for six dollars!” This looks like a great way to raise spirits and a few extra research dollars. Happy Holidays, Alec and Carol. Stay Healthy!

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