Alec Baldwin’s Anger Results in Job Loss for Oliver Miller

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Recently, Oliver Miller, a freelance writer and blogger for AOL, was fired. Tuesday news headlines on Fox state that Alec Baldwin is responsible for Miller’s firing. Angry at the Emmy coverage that Miller provided last year, Baldwin pulled some strings and did a little retaliating by writing his own blog post for Huffington Post, calling out Miller.

Oliver Miller’s story, “Jim Parsons Won An Emmy – But Got A Rude Message From Loser Alec Baldwin,” hit AOL’s homepage, something most writers dream of. The next day, the article was taken down. Oliver Miller made two mistakes, he embellished the story. Miller’s second mistake was in angering Alec Baldwin, whose tirade against his daughter hit news in 2010.

Is there such a thing as Freedom of the Press on the Internet? Apparently not if the writer is stretching the truth. Most writers agree that “sticking to the facts” is the best policy for bloggers. Oliver Miller’s story is not an isolated one; however, it is an attention-grabbing story, for many bloggers. In fact, as a result of these mistakes, Miller has many freelance work offers, is developing a novel, and has hired a literary agent.

Many people want to become famous; however, it is doubtful that this is best way to achieve “15 minutes of fame.”

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