Alec Baldwin's Child Abuse

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Whether or not Baldwin's taped message should have been released to the public is so far beyond what matter's here that Baldwin and his spin doctors must think we all don't have a handful of vbrains amiong us.

To try to pass this off as "her fault," as any family counselor, psychiatrist, childrens rights attorney, or sane parent would tell you,  is galling and clearly implicates Baldwin as the unfit parent he is. Had he said these things to Kim Bassinger, few would likely question the tirade or the reasons behind it — nasty, public custody battles are prevalent today.

The horrific words and insults hurled at his young daughter, however, are troubling at best and deeply frightening at worst. If he can go off in this manner on the phone with her, imagine what the scenario might be when he showed up at Bassinger's home to pick up Ireland and, to paraphrase what I heard, "give her what for before I leave."

If that doesn't sound like a threat and indicate the possibility that he would do physical harm to his daughter, I don't know what does. I hope Bassinger has had a restraining order issued for "daddy" until he undergoes some intense therapy for treatment of his apparently uncontrollable temper and rage. He is a danger and a threat to Ireland — and possibly anyone else who doesn't pick up the phone when he's calling.

To unleash such venom on his own daughter — no matter the circumstances leading up to it — calls to question just whose interests Baldwin has at heart. He's either deeply disturbed, or doing his best to pit his daughter against her mother, or doesn't give a damn about his relationship with or the well-being of his daughter. Any of those reasons is reason enough to keep Ireland far away from her loving father for a very long time. If I were Kim Bassinger, I would ignore any court order handed down that required me to let Ireland be alone with that ranting, dangerous maniac for any length of time. It is obviously now solely her responsibility to protect their daughter.

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