Alec Baldwin’s Daughter Tweets Bikini Photos of Herself

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Alec Baldwin may leave another irate message for his daughter Ireland once he gets a load of what she’s posted via Twitter. The sixteen-year-old tweeted pictures of herself in a bikini. Is she asking for trouble?

Okay, maybe everybody else does it too. However, they aren’t the daughter of one of Hollywood’s leading men. They aren’t offering would-be kidnappers a sneak peek of what they could be getting, assuming that such people are stupid enough to go after it in the first place.

Sadly, Ireland doesn’t leave much to the imagination. However, the brash girl doesn’t seem afraid of anything. She’s as outspoken as both of her parents. The same day she sent out the photo, she also talked about having sushi with mom, Kim Basinger. “Sea Urchin sashimi is sushi sex explosion in your mouth,” she noted. She seems determined to push the boundaries of propriety.

However, it does seem that Alec Baldwin’s little girl does have some limits. When another tweeter asked if she might pose for Playboy one day, she responded with a very firm “Never!”

That’s a relief and something that will keep her father from having an immediate heart attack. Still, one can’t hope but wish that young people would take better precautions with what they post; particularly since they can’t control who might see it.

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