ALEC Debunks American Voting System

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For decades, Americans have watched corporate greed overrun the political system, compromise the environment, and debunk the core structure of the American family. Many Americans don’t understand how legislation, not supported by most of the constituency, is still able to pass. The answer—self-interest groups like the formerly secretive corporate-political conglomeration of the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC).

The conservatively held congregation houses corporate and political members attempting to usurp the voting rights of its constituency, as guaranteed in the Constitution of the United States, to better regulate desired results. The flimsy justification for this interference is under the guise of ‘voter fraud.’ This special-interest assembly is endeavoring to make it so college students, low-income households, and ‘minorities’ are not allowed to vote. Presently, 30 states are attempting to engage this version of voting.

The last time this model was used was after the 15th Amendment was ratified in 1870. Slave owners in the south wanted to thwart African-Americans and poor white Americans from their right to vote by creating barriers like poll tax, competency testing, residency parameters, and last minute rule variations, to control political outcomes.

ALEC’s core objectives are to reduce further corporate responsibilities to employees and gain further tax breaks for giant industrial entities, while providing the illusion of progress. It proposes to decrease health care and income tax obligations for powerhouse businesses by making workers responsible for more of that debt. This in no way helps a stagnant economy. However, that is not a concern to this self-interest group. This program is setup to bleed the American economy dry while attempting to disenfranchise American rights. Rights guaranteed under the country’s creation. In other words, they want to sell their political theory as fact to the American population without basis of merit.

This line of political misuse needs to be eradicated before America is no longer recognizable. The American government claims itself as a leader in Democracy in which others should follow, and yet it is less evolved in the meaning of that concept than most other nations who practice it.

Radical change brings with it fear. This is why the political structure has been careful to make an effort to remove fundamental rights guaranteed to all Americans in small, systematic increments over a long period. The standard sales pitch to get citizens onboard is that it is either for personal protection or it is in the best interest of the United States of America.

The reality for most Americans is that they have never felt so insecure. Rather than viewing the eradication of the present corporate-political structure as radical, it should be seen in the light of productive common sense. Corporations care about a singular factor—profit margin. This is not the foundation of America. Nor is it a sound functional foundation for capitalism.

For those interested, sign the Stop ALEC’s Political Influence.

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