Aleisha Hunter 3-Year-old Breast Cancer Survivor on the ‘Today Show!’ (Video)

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Aleisha Hunter is a toddler breast cancer survivor! When the 2-year-old had a small lump develop on her chest, her parents were alarmed. It was at 3 years old when Hunter was diagnosed with a rare form of juvenile breast carcinoma. The toddler became one of only 300,000 annual cases to surface.


Hunter appeared on the Today Show as the world was shocked to see a little girl who had survived breast cancer at such a young age. Nancy Down is Aleisha Hunter’s oncologist from North York General Hospital in Ontario, Canada. She told the Today Show, “You can see this type of breast cancer in adults, but it is one of the more rare types of breast cancer. This one tends to be slower growing, tends not to spread as aggressively, and the outlook is good.”

The majority of people that receive breast cancer are not toddlers. Most of them are adults and over the age of 50 when the breast cancer diagnosis is established. Aleisha Hunter was an exception to the rule.

A pediatric oncologist, Dr. Rachel Egler, explained that HunterÂ’s case is unusual. When juvenile breast cancer is seen in children, it is usually found when they are adolescents.

Fortunately, Aleisha Hunter was a toddler with breast cancer, but now she is a miraculous survivor. Have you ever heard of a toddler with this rare form of breast cancer?

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