Alert: Mass-Murderer Michael David Elliot At Large

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Quadruple murderer Michael David Elliot dug his way out of a Michigan prison pen last night, cleverly disguised as a staff worker. And now police departments from every U.S. state are scrambling to apprehend him again.

The surprise jailbreak is just part of a long crime spree the 40-year-old felon has been on ever since his youth. Not merely a repeat offender, Elliot’s of the career criminal variety, without conscience chalking up a host of violent offenses over the years that range from armed robbery and arson to home invasions and homicide.

Escaped convict Michael ElliotThus, authorities issued a nationwide alert early this morning warning the public everywhere that Michael Elliot — who carjacked and kidnapped a woman at knife point only minutes after escaping from prison — is to be considered armed and dangerous.

His lucky and so-far unnamed hostage managed to elude her captor hours after being abducted, when the two stopped at an Indiana gas station. There, she is said to have used a concealed cell phone to quickly notify a 911 dispatcher of her plight who then advised the frantic woman to lock herself in a restroom.

Officers arrived at the scene shortly thereafter, but the escapee was apparently wise to the situation and had already fled in his victim’s vehicle, a red Jeep Liberty 2004 model with Michigan license plate number 5FTG55.

Police determined he’d only put about ten dollars worth of gas in the car though, and they therefore don’t expect he made it very far.

Michael David Elliot is described as a Caucasian male with brown eyes and short dark hair. He stands about 5-feet-8 and weighs 165 pounds and is said to be wearing a beard, cargo pants, and a hooded sweatshirt. Anyone who spots this individual is urged to keep a safe distance and to immediately call 911.

The escaped convict is supposed to be serving four life sentences for the brutal drug-related deaths of four Michigan residents in the 1990’s. He and his cohorts in that crime also burned their victims’ house down in an effort to destroy evidence and the bodies.

Obviously life in prison to the fourth power proved no real deterrant for the likes of Elliot or his crew. Can anybody say ‘capital punishment’?

EPONYMOUS ROX – mugshot courtesy police handouts

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