Alex McCord & Simon Van Kempen Dish On Teen Bride Courtney Stodden

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Alex McCord and Simon Van Kempen, formerly of Real Housewives of New York, are currently starring VH1’s Couples Therapy. Among their co-stars is teen bride Courtney Stodden and according to the couple, it’s been hard to focus on the show with her around.

“It’s difficult when you are reliving your deepest, darkest moments in your relationship and you’re being really brutal and honest and everyone is crying, to then have this airy-fairy cheerleader there who’s not participating in any meaningful way,” Alex tells Celebuzz in a new interview.

Courtney is perhaps too young to understand the seriousness of what is going on in the show. The young teen only has so much experience in her life and it is just disrespectful to join a show where people are truly trying to save their marriage when she is doesn’t take it seriously.

Fortunately, Alex and Simon didn’t have to deal with Courtney too much. Since she was a minor during filming, she was restricted as to how much she could film. “There were actually only four-and-a-half couples because under the California state law, [Courtney] was a minor and could only stay in the house for seven hours a day,” Simon explained.

Alex McCord and Simon van Kempen genuinely want to fix the issues they have in their marriage and hopefully, this show will do the trick for them — regardless of how distracting Courtney may be!

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