Alex O’Loughlin Makes Way for Baby and Unusual On-Screen Marriage on ‘Hawaii Five-O’

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Alex O’Loughlin seems fit and finer than ever to loyal fans of his character, Lt. Commander Stephen J McGarrett, on Hawaii Five-O, and that perception is just how the Australian-born actor prefers it. He would rather discuss how comfortable he feels settling into a happy routine at home as he awaits the birth of his second child, with partner, surfer and model, Malia Jones, literally due any day now, than any of his troubles with prescription drugs that led to a short leave of absence from his crime-fighting duties to take care of the situation. The handsome O’Loughlin is also more than pleased with his on-screen collaborations for his drama’s third season, and still compares his on-screen partnership with Scott Caan to marital matters.

An injury sustained filming Season 2 was far more substantial than even the actor realized, and he matter-of-factly describes “I had trouble getting off them,” referring to the painkillers he needed to get him through the long workdays. “That’s as complicated as it gets,” he insists. The actor must have applied the same work ethic to getting free of his dependency as he does to his daily shoots, because he was back to work in record time, and still has a workout regimen that would weaken most twenty-something bodybuilders. “I am still doing physical therapy three times a week, ” O’Loughlin reports. “I’m surfing, running, doing all that stuff.” That fitness frenzy will serve him very well as he coaches Malia through her impending labor to welcome the latest little O’Loughlin. His eldest son, Saxon, now lives with him on Oahu, and it’s clear that Alex feels settled now. “I’m blessed to be part of these islands and part of this culture. This is home now.”

The seasoned TV veteran now unashamedly states “I’m not 20-something anymore,” not disguising the touches of gray framing his face. Maturity has made a difference for Alex O’Loughlin in other ways, too. “When you’re a parent, you try to be a little more sensible and a little less stupid,” he states, relating how his own self-preservation has new reason now that his family is growing. His on-screen family is growing, too, as Christine Lahti has become his mother, Doris McGarrett, no longer estranged, and Michelle Borth is becoming closer than ever to Steve week after week. O’Loughlin loves the “new Flavours” and “new rhythm” created by the fresh cast in the show, glowing, “I feel like this is our best season so far.”

There’s no word yet on plans for Alex and Malia to make it legal, yet, but his continuing “bromance” with Scott Caan is in full bloom. Sharing similar energy and quirky humor, O’Loughlin says their pairing “is like a good marriage.”

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