Alex Pettyfer Talks Tattoos, Acting and Ex Dianna Agron

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Alex Pettyfer may be the incredibly handsome actor in recent films Beastly and I Am Number Four, but between his break up with Glee star Dianna Agron and statements he has made in interviews recently, he’s still managing to snag himself some pretty bad press.

Pettyfer recently sat down with VMAN magazine, spilling the beans on everything from his expired relationship with Agron to how he feels about being an actor.

Of the latter, he said, “Being an actor is like being in prison. You go, you serve your time, you try and replicate Johnny Depp’s career and then you move to Paris.”

Interesting. It seems unlikely that those who have real staying power – and have worked for it, at that – feel similarly, with acting being a real-life manifestation of their biggest dream, as opposed to a prison sentence to get out of the way.

Another big bomb he dropped during the interview? Turns out Alex Pettyfer has a scandalous tattoo, and not the of the “tramp stamp” variety. The tattoo, which reads “Thank you”, is conspicuously placed directly above his..ahem…member.

Good thing Dianna got out when she did!

Alex Pettyfer y Teresa Palmer visitan El Hormiguero

With all the negativity included in the Pettyfer interview, one can’t help but wonder why he even bothers with acting. He clearly doesn’t seem to enjoy it. Though, with an attitude like that, would he really be happy doing anything?

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