Alex Sekella Has New Boyfriend, but He May Be Trouble

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Alex Sekella’s relationship with her baby-daddy Matt McCann didn’t work out at the time because he was homeless and addicted to drugs. Even though Matt has proved that he has changed, she has found a new man, but not only has he had many run-ins with the law, he may also be dangerous around children.

Alex’s new man, Pete Gruppo is handsome, well put together and in great shape, but looks may be deceiving. 

According to Teen Mom Truth, in 2007 Pete was charged with institutional vandalism, criminal conspiracy, possessing instruments of a crime, and corruption of minors. He was even booted from his football team and banned around a local high school property.

Unfortunately, the crimes didn’t stop there. Recently, Pete was charged for engaging in fighting, disorderly conduct, simple assault, and harassment.

It’s odd that Alex would want somebody with such a rough past around her daughter. It could be that Pete was thrown into the wrong place at the wrong time, but why would he end up in these situations repeatedly?

Of course, everybody has a past and nobody is perfect, but Pete may have some extreme explaining and proving of himself to do.

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