Alex Torres, Hope Howell Skydiving Sex Video Gets Both Fired

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While the FAA investigates the Alex Torres skydiving sex video, others wonder if this stunt may have sparked a new mile high club. The big point of this jump was to get the attention of radio shock jock Howard Stern, and it has happened.

Alex Torres Hope Howell Skydiving Sex Video Gets Both FiredFor years couples have attempted to join this club by having sex in an airplane oftentimes in a bathroom. Will couples now attempt similar skydiving sexual escapades? The idea is a bit scary, especially considering that skydiving is already fairly risky, so engaging in sexual intercourse during a jump could certainly increase that risk. Both Alex Torres, aka Voodoo, and Hope Howell were fired from their positions in Skydive Taft over the shocking stunt.

In fact, Hope Howell actually talked with the Howard Stern show on Friday. She said, “I am happy I did it. I wouldn’t change it for the world, and it did get the attention of Howard Stern — our whole goal in general.” For his part, Alex Torres said, “I got a phone call saying I was fired, and I feel like that was a stab in my back.” Given the fact that Torres was fired, it makes sense that Howell was also fired.

Even though she was fired, Hope Howell loves her skydiving sex video with porn star Alex Torres. She said, “My adrenaline was rushing. I was so excited. I was pumped. I was ready for it to be edited.” This is certainly an experience that most people have never had.

It seems like Howell hopes this publicity will kick-start her adult film career. Perhaps she and Torres will star in more films together. You can check out the edited skydiving sex video below.

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