Alexander Skarsgard is A-Okay With his Private Parts

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True Blood‘s hunky Swede Alexander Skarsgard certainly has nothing to be ashamed about when it comes to his physique, and it seems that he is perfectly okay with his private parts as well. He doesn’t mind showing his package off to his co-stars and crew.

Usually, when the True Blood boys have to film steamy scenes, they are slightly more clothed than meets viewers’ eyes. They have the option to wear a “modesty sock” over their you-know-whats. Alexander, however, doesn’t wear one. So, that means there isn’t a thing between Alex and the lucky actresses who get to dry hump him in the series, even Stephen Moyer’s wife Anna Paquin.

You would think that might make things a little weird between Alex and Stephen, but, surprisingly, everyone seems to be okay with it. “We all know each other really well,” Moyer noted, implying that makes it all right for Alexander Skarsgard to feel up his wife with whatever body part necessary in the name of acting. Stephen, however, prefers to use the modesty sock in his sex scenes, but doesn’t fault Alex on the decision to forego one. “Hey, whatever floats your boat, man,” he said.

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