Alexandria Sekella’s Ex-Boyfriend Involved in Horrible Accident

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Alexandria Sekella hasn’t had much luck with her ex-boyfriend in the past. He wasn’t there for her when she was pregnant, and once her daughter was born, not a lot changed. While it may benefit little Arabella to have her father, Matt, in her life, she may not get the chance.

Just moments ago, Alex took to Twitter and wrote, “Matt was involved in a horrible accident she is in ICU please keep him in your prayers.” According to Alex, his bad boy ways finally caught up with him and now, he’s fighting for his life.

Matt’s drug struggles have been no secret to fans of 16 & Pregnant. On the show, he often seemed strung out and once the reunion show rolled around, he claimed to be in rehab. However, it didn’t work and once he came home, he was back to using. Now, he has gotten into a position that he may not be able to get out of.

Details surrounding the accident have yet to be revealed, but it wouldn’t be surprising to find out that drugs played a part. Hopefully, Matt will pull through and realize what is really important — his daughter.

Alexandria Sekella will be featured on the upcoming Teen Mom 3. Stay tuned.

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