Alexia Echevarria’s Son Enters Not Guilty Plea In Hobo Punching Case

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Alexia Echevarria’s son’s face was plastered all over the web after the teen posted a video on Facebook of himself punching a homeless man in the groin. Not only was it distasteful, it was also a hate crime and about a week after the video was shot, Peter Rosello was arrested.

CBS Miami reports that Peter has pleaded not guilty for allegedly beating a homeless man and posting the video of it online. While it is legally correct to say “allegedly” when there is video involved, it is a bit hard to ignore the fact that Peter is clearly the one in the video assaulting the man and his not guilty is a bit confusing. He did exactly what he is being accused of and it’s all on tape, so is there really any room for him to deny the charges?

What Peter did was just horrible and sad. The poor man was asleep prior to the attack and therefore was completely defenseless against Peter. Instead of denying charges, Peter should be admitting to them and apologizing.

Peter is expected back in court on November 29.

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