Alexis Bellino Fights Back, Claiming She Didn’t Invite Sarah to Party

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Alexis Bellino is excited to watch the season finale of The Real Housewives of Orange County because of the fighting with Heather Dubrow and Sarah Winchester. Sarah eating the bow from the cake has brought her some negative attention, because she invited Sarah to the party. Alexis probably didn’t expect that the bow-eating fiasco would end up giving Sarah such a bad name and make Alexis look so bad. Now, she is refusing to accept the fact that she even invited Sarah to the party, even though the invitation was caught on camera.

“RHOC Finale tonite! The ladies know Sarah was already invited to Heather’s party same as Jeana. It wasn’t up 2 me. I won’t be the scapegoat,” The Real Housewives of Orange County star Alexis Bellino tweeted earlier today. However, last week, Alexis and Sarah went out for lunch and Alexis announced that Jim wasn’t going to the party. Instead, Sarah offered to go. There were no talks in regards to Sarah already being invited.

Perhaps Alexis just doesn’t want drama in her life. She is claiming that Sarah was invited by Heather herself, and that both Sarah and Jeana were on the guest list. No one is arguing that Jeana crashed the party. Do you think Sarah is crazy and why do you think Alexis is now backing away from taking responsibility for the invite?

In addition, Jim shows up and crashes Heather’s party on tonight’s episode. Perhaps Alexis can talk her way out of that one as well.

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