Alexis Bellino Lands On Celebuzz’s Hot Bodies List, Dishes On Fitness

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Alexis Bellino has one of the best bodies in the land of the Real Housewives. Even though some of it isn’t natural, she looks great and stays in shape and it’s paying off! Alexis just landed in the #72 spot on Celebuzz’s 101 Hot Bodies List. So, how does she do it?

“[Do] everything in moderation. You do have to have some kind of workout [routine] or activity level,” Alexis told Celebuzz. “Two other tips that I recommend are, stay away from processed foods, and then don’t eat after, like, five or six o’clock at night.”

While most people have to work hard to stay in shape, Alexis claims that working out isn’t work for her at all. “I consider myself lucky, because working out, to me, is a stress reliever. I enjoy it,” she said. That is lucky!

This mom of three could pass for a college chick and she doesn’t show any signs of aging at all. While she’s had some work done including her breasts and nose, she doesn’t look over-done and her small frame doesn’t look frail — it looks athletic.

It’s clear to see why Alexis Bellino’s body is getting recognition! This ‘wife is sure to be on many hot body lists to come.

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