Alexis Bellino Needs to ‘Decompress’ Before Deciding on a Return

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Alexis Bellino took a beating on this season of Real Housewives of Orange County. The ladies were fed up with her phoniness and the way she allegedly treats the cast and weren’t afraid to confront her about it. All of the drama has left Alexis feeling unsure if returning to show is the right choice.

“I am seriously just recovering from what has occurred this past few months,” she tells Celebuzz in a new interview. “I didn’t know that [during] every single episode they were going to call me a name or belittle me or try to ruin my husband. I didn’t know all that was happening, because it all happens off camera … I’m still trying to recover from that, because I wasn’t prepared.” In previous seasons, relationships were different. This year, a lot changed. Her former bestie, Gretchen Rossi, became close to Tamra, and her former enemy, Vick, became her ally. Alexis has never been the center of the drama, so this season, she was out of her element.

Does she really want to walk back into the lion’s den after such a traumatic season? “I think I just need time to decompress and decide if I’m gonna move forward or if this isn’t something that I’m made for,” she said of returning to the show.

Although it was a tough season for Alexis, she’s turning the experience into something positive. “It put a fire in me to speak out against [bullying],” she reveals. “I have such a passion for it now. It’s a true passion … I’m happy for what has happened because of the fact that I’m going to be help so many people now with the great platform that I have.”

Alexis may be slightly over-dramatic about it all. What happened to her in Mexico has happened to plenty other housewives on several different franchises of the show. Isn’t that what the show is all about? There’s always going to be confrontation and if she’s not up for it, she should move on to other things.

Watch Alexis Bellino in Real Housewives of Orange County on Monday night for part 2 of the reunion!

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