Alexis Bellino Thinks She and Heather Dubrow Got Off on the Wrong Foot

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Alexis Bellino had a rough season this year on Real Housewives of Orange County. She was the target of a ‘bully session,’ as she calls it, in Costa Rica and her relationship with her former best friend, Gretchen Rossi, has been put to the test.

One person she never got a chance with was Heather Dubrow. They immediately butted heads when they first met for lunch earlier this season. “I really didn’t think [Heather and I] were going to have issues at all this season, but she definitely did … say some hurtful things and jump on Tamra’s bandwagon,” Alexis said during a recent interview. The ‘phony intervention’ began because of a statement Tamra had made during their luch meeting about Dr. Dubrow thinking she was ‘the phoniest person he’d ever met.’ Once Heather knew that Tamra had told Alexis about the comment, she felt the need to talk about it with Alexis herself.

Alexis and Heather have a lot in common and could have potentially formed a friendship. They both are married with four children, and whereas Heather is an actress, Alexis has recently been making a name for herself in the world of hosting!

Alexis revealed that there isn’t as much tension between the two now as there was during the season. “Since we’ve taped the reunion… we’re not enemies, so I’m hopeful next season we’ll have a fresh start.” Although she sounds pretty sure about next season at this point, she said just days ago that she was unsure. Perhaps the Costa Rica ordeal pushed her over the edge but she’s doing her best to move past it and get back to the show.

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