Alexis Bellino Thinks Vicki’s Kids Should Have More Respect for Her

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Alexis Bellino, along with many viewers of Real Houswives of Orange County, wasn’t impressed with how Michael and Briana treated their mother, Vicki Gunvalson’s new boyfriend on Tuesday’s new episode.

Gunvalson introduced her new boyfriend, Brookes Ayers, to her son and daughter at a Wines by Wives event. “It was difficult to watch and I could slice the tension coming through the TV with a knife,” Bellino says in her blog. At one point during the night, Ayers tried to strike up a conversation with Michael but all he had to say was, “I don’t want to do this.” Briana was hesitant as well. When Gunvalson tried to arrange for them to all go in a private room, she nearly had to drag Briana.

“I know Vicki’s kids are just being protective of their momma, but she is a grown woman and they must respect her choices — just as Vicki respects their choices (such as eloping), even though she doesn’t agree with it.”

Alexis Bellino hit the nail right on the head. Briana just eloped to Vegas weeks before and Gunvalson handled it shockingly well. She was clearly extremely hurt and betrayed but she supported her daughter and yet her daughter isn’t supporting her new relationship.

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