Ali and Roberto: Ali Smells the Roses after Breakup

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That saying “stop and smell the roses” refers to taking the time to enjoy things in life. Ali Fedotowsky was handing out roses on The Bachelorette, but since her breakup with Roberto Martinez, she’s now taking the time to smell them. Ali and Roberto are working hard to move on after a very painful and public split.

Ali tweeted Sunday:

San Francisco is gorgeous today. I’ve never seen the Golden Gate bridge look more beautiful.

Ali moved out of the San Diego apartment she shared with Roberto. Most of her stuff is in storage until she figures out what she’s going to do and where she plans to permanently stay. Her engagement to Roberto was put to test when she injured her femur in kickboxing, forcing her to be at home more than she wanted to be, according to her confessions in an interview with People. Fedotowsky and Martinez realized how different they truly were.

Ali admitted she and Roberto were more unhappy than happy in their relationship, but still talk. Recently she thanked a friend on Twitter for being a shoulder to lean on during her hard time. Fedotowsky is direct and honest with her fans, letting them know she’s heartbroken, but is doing the best she can to heal.

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