Ali Fedotowsky Spills Beans About Roberto Martinez Break-Up

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After months of rumors about Ali Fedotowsky and why she broke things off with Roberto Martinez, the former Bachelorette is finally spilling the beans about the break-up.

Tabloids have speculated for month that Ali and Roberto’s split resulted from Martinez being annoyed by Fedotowsky’s growing public life. Was Roberto wanting their relationship to be completely private, especially after meeting the supposed ‘love of their lives’ on a reality television show? Is Ali Fedotowsky really that fame-hungry?

So, how does Ali respond to the rumors that the split was because of her and her need to stay in the public eye? From the sound things, issues were more complex than that:

We were really trying to make it work, and realizing it wasn’t getting better. We were unhappy more than we were happy, and something needed to change…I didn’t want to let people down. I felt anger from my followers, fans…The pressure was to make sure we did what would make both of us happy.

It is hardly surprising that once the cameras were off there was trouble in paradise. While people tend to put on their ‘Sunday best’ for the television cameras, trying to build a relationship after the dating show is over can certainly be difficult.

Ali Fedotowsky wasn’t too specific about why her and Roberto Martinez didn’t work, but it is clear that trying to stay together just to appease fans is not they way to live one’s life. At least she was honest about that, instead of sticking something out that was really doomed to failure anyway.

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