Ali Fedotowsky Talks Dating and ‘The Bachelorette’

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Ali Fedotowsky found love with Roberto Martinez on season six of The Bachelorette, but their fairy tale romance wasn’t a case of happily ever after. With Roberto reportedly taking a stab at becoming the next man on The Bachelor, would Ali ever take on another journey to find love?

Ali spoke about going on the series for a second time and her current romantic status in an interview with Wet Paint. She didn’t touch on Roberto going on The Bachelor, but she made it very clear that she has no plans to try for love for a second time as The Bachelorette. She said the following, according to Wet Paint:

I don’t think so – at least, not in the near future. I think it’s way too soon for something like that. So not right now, no.

As for her love life, Ali decided to take the opportunity to shut down any rumors about her current love life. Rumors have been swirling about who she may be dating. She said the following:

I’m not dating anyone. Charlie Ritchie? No. I haven’t spoken to him in months. But it’s crazy, people will write to me on Facebook and be like, ‘We know you’re dating Charlie Ritchie.’ But I’m not. It’s crazy. I’m not dating anyone. I’m single right now. I’ve actually been single this entire time, despite what you may have heard! I’ve been on one or two semi-dates…I’m not even sure you would call them actual dates. But I’m ready. I’m ready.

Ali Fedotowsky has been one of the more popular women from the series in recent years. She has turned her appearance into a launching off point for other television series. She is currently hosting a series for NBC. With her and Roberto no longer together, she has focused on her career instead of her personal life.

She seems happy though, and that is the important part. She is just waiting for Mr. Right to come along.

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