Ali Fedotowsky Tells Paparazzi Roberto Martinez Relationship “Perfect”

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Ali Fedotowsky was just trying to walk down the street with a couple of girlfriends…and a whole host of paparazzi. Yes, there have been plenty of rumors that Bachelorette Season 7 lovebirds, Ali and Roberto Martinez are on the rocks. Of course, paparazzi have quite a way of asking the ‘tough’ questions.

So, Ali Fedotowsky gets asked a great intro question: “I hear the supermarket is a great place to meet women, is that true?” Who on Earth was the paparazzo who asked that dumb question? Fans want to know if Ali and Roberto are still together or if their relationship was in a shambles.

Ali responded, half-heartedly:

Um, I’m not really interested in women.

Well, duh! That would be why she went on the Bachelorette to meet a GUY! Ok, the next question was much more to the point asking of things were still ok between her and Roberto. Ali Fedotowsky answered with a resounding ‘We’re perfect!’ At this point the former Bachelorette seems to be annoyed with the line of questioning.

The paparazzi continue to ask question such as if Ali had set a date (no answer) and what her favorite foreign food was (again no answer). On that last question, somehow the paparazzi were forgetting who they were asking the questions of…Ali Fedotowsky is no Demi Lovato or Katy Perry (who recently have been talking a lot about food).

So, it sounds like Ali and Roberto are not having issues, or at least ones that she is willing to talk about to the paparazzi. Check out the video of the encounter below. Did they hound her too much and did Ali handle herself well, given the obnoxious nature of all the cameras in her face?

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