Ali Fedotowsky Thinks Skater Boy Jef Holm is Ideal for ‘Bachelorette’ Emily

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Ali Fedotowsky knows what Emily Maynard is going through on The Bachelorette as she was there just a few years ago. She knows what it is like to meet 25 eligible bachelors, only to send home half of them at the end of the night. Because Ali has had such an extensive past with the show, she is following every season of the show, including making predictions about who Emily will pick.

Since Emily is a single mother of Ricki, Ali is already favoring the single fathers on the show, Doug and Tony. But she definitely thinks that Jef Holm is an ideal choice for Emily. “I am loving Jef with one F,” Ali explained to US Weekly. “I just think he is spunky and I want to be friends with him.” If things don’t work out with Emily on The Bachelorette, he can always contact Ali Fedotowsky to hang out.

Emily Maynard

Ali gave her first impression rose to Roberto and she ended up being engaged to him for 14 months before calling it off. But Emily didn’t give her first impression rose to Jef, the one guy Ali thinks would work out for Emily. “She says she likes guys who are tattooed and a little more on the rougher side,” explains Fedotwsky. “Jef could possibly be [a frontrunner] because he seems like he’s a little funky, a little different and I think she’d like that.”

Emily’s close friend has also made a statement about Emily’s type of guy, which includes the rough bad boy. And since Jef is rumored to be one of the final four men, it sounds like Emily is following her heart in picking Jef. What do you think of Emily’s selection of men?

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