Ali Lohan Anorexic? New Photos Suggests Yes

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Ali Lohan is looking extremely thin lately, and while she is a model and has defended her super-slim figure, she is looking very sickly. A new photo of her wearing a multi-colored romper in Hawaii has surfaced, and some are wondering if she is anorexic.
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“In Oahu, HI, on Monday, the 17-year-old stepped out in a teeny, ill-fitting romper with cutouts at the waist—a look that definitely did not cover her shockingly gaunt figure,” Us Weekly reports. Check out the new photos of Ali here.

Of course, none of the negative comments about Ali Lohan’s weight are meant to insult her. People seem genuinely concerned about her well-being. If she has been checked out by a doctor and she is “healthy,” that’s one thing… however, can a doctor actually look at her and suggest that she is taking good care of herself? It doesn’t look that way.

Ali, like her sister Lindsay, has been scrutinized lately, though for very different reasons. LiLo seems to be getting her act together, but Ali’s waist keeps diminishing.

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