Ali Lohan Looks Serious, Healthier in New Modeling Pics

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Ali Lohan has made it apparent that she wants to make a name for herself on her own. The Lohan name has become synonymous with trouble in Hollywood, but Ali wants to change that. Not only is she now going by the more mature moniker, Aliana, she is also doing more mature photo shoots.

No, she isn’t following in her sister Lindsay’s foot steps and posing for men’s magazines. Rather she is showing a more serious side of herself for her latest shoot. Her modeling agency recently released a new batch of the up and coming model showing off this side. Although she is only 18 years old, Ali looks much older in the photos. These photos come just a few days after a report claimed that Ali was “starving herself” in order to achieve the perfect model look.

Typically, it is prefered that models be a certain weight, but to some people they think that many of these models are too skinny. Obviously Ali Lohan is thin, but she doesn’t look nearly as thin as some models. She certainly looks healthier in the new photos than she has in the past few months. However, if she were to gain a few pounds, it wouldn’t hurt.

Aside from any weight arguments, some people wonder if Ali has what it takes to become a respected model. The newest photos (which you can check out here at The Gloss) show that Ali can be mature. She has a unique look to her, which is key when trying to stake out a modeling career. Even though she has a famous last name, it seems likely that she will make a name for herself all her own.

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