Ali Lohan Or Demi Lovato: Which Body Type Do People Prefer?

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Ali Lohan and Demi Lovato are very different girls in more ways than one. Demi started off as a Disney darling turned singer while Ali is a model and also the sister of a former Disney star. However, each girl also has a completely different appearance, each showing young girls two completely different body types.

DemiLovatoApr09On one hand, Demi Lovato embodies a picture of health, but doesn’t look the way Hollywood would expect. She was recently spotted showing off her womanly curves in a bikini and she doesn’t seem at all ashamed that she isn’t a size 0.

On the other hand, Ali Lohan is stick thin, embodying the image that people expect from a model. While she may a little too thin, this is still the image that young girls believe they need to emulate in order to be beautiful.

However, it looks like people’s opinions may be changing. On a recent Hollywood Life poll, people overwhelmingly voted that they prefered Demi Lovato’s body to Ali Lohan’s. Over 90 percent of those polled like Demi’s body while only 10 percent prefer Ali’s.

While there is nothing wrong with being thin, too often girls starve themselves in order to get there. Demi Lovato herself has admitted to suffering from an eating disorder in the past. However, the fact that she is flaunting her curves is sending a good message to young girls, telling them that you don’t have to be super skinny to be beautiful.

Even more encouraging is that people are taking notice and prefer Demi Lovato’s look. Which look do you prefer?

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