Ali Lohan Talks About Her Mom, Modeling, and Metabolism

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Ali Lohan is best known for being the little sister of actress Lindsay Lohan. The 17-year-old, who now prefers to go by her full name of Aliana, is making a name for herself through modeling. Recently, Aliana did an interview with Page Six Magazine and disclosed many intimate details about her personal life.

Dina Lohan

Many view Dina Lohan as a stage mother who pushed Lindsay into show business. She is also often viewed as being the reason Lindsay has had so many problems. So, what does Aliana think about her mother?

“Yeah, she has gotten a bad rap. People don’t really know what has gone on. It upsets me sometimes when I see stuff that’s the complete opposite of the truth. I don’t listen to the negative stuff. I just try to take the positive. I don’t go on blogs.”

Considering all of her sister’s recent legal troubles, it is probably a good thing that Aliana chooses not to read the celebrity gossip blogs. It is also great to see Aliana stick up for her mother. While it may appear that Dina’s choices have not always been the best ones, it is true that the public does not see everything.

Aliana also mentions that Dina Lohan is “her everything” and that she does not have a relationship with Michael Lohan, her father.


She has been modeling since she was 4 years old, but took some time off in her teens to pursue a music career. However, she has decided to leave music behind and focus solely on modeling, saying:

“Just recently I was like, I really want to focus on this, and just this. This is the only thing I wanna do.”

Who is her modeling role model? Cindy Crawford of course! While Aliana may not yet be as big as Crawford, she definitely has the potential. Her photos are fresh and she has a unique look.

Her Metabolism

Aliana has come under fire for her too thin frame, but she says that she just has a “fast metabolism.” While that could explain her thin frame, it is hard to dismiss the fact that her appearance has drastically changed within the past two years, leading some to wonder if she has had plastic surgery. She has vehemently denied the rumors

Overall, Ali Lohan seems that she has the potential to be a good role model to young girls. Assuming she is able to get past the plastic surgery rumors, maintain a healthy body image, and make sure she doesn’t make the same mistakes as her older sister, Ali Lohan could have a succesful career.

What do you think of Aliana Lohan?

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