Ali Lohan Too Thin? Lindsay’s Sister’s Weight Called into Question!

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Ali Lohan is looking extra thin these days. So thin, in fact, that the tabloids have begun to jump on the bandwagon and are going after Lindsay Lohan’s sister for her weight. Is it the modeling, the diet, or just some bad fashion choices that is making Ali look as gaunt as she is?

Paparazzi this week were able to snag a shot of the 18-year-old Lohan out for a Smoothy. The thing is, the clothes she was wearing (extremely tight) coupled with her very small frame made the tabloids wish she was eating more than just some juice. Is she so thin because she is trying to make waves as a model?

True, Ali Lohan looks all about 90 lbs dripping wet, and the platform shoes accentuate her height while making her seem even thinner. Even some “friends” are reportedly concerned. “She just keeps getting smaller and smaller,” states one source. “At what point will her parents tell her that enough is enough?” Actually, if the pattern holds up with the Lohan family, the parents will do nothing… you only have to look as far as Lindsay to see that their mother is an enabler and their father is completely useless.

Michael Lohan is quoted as saying about Ali’s weight, “She isn’t doing it because it is a psychological issue. She is doing it because she wants to be a model. If I thought it was an issue, I would definitely say something.” He goes on, “Ali and Lindsay live together, and I think Lindsay would say something to her if she thought something was wrong.” What? Lindsay Lohan has her own issues. Hopefully this is nothing but a bunch of ill-placed worry and that Ali Lohan doesn’t get sick because she is trying to starve herself for modeling.

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