‘All-American Muslim’ is Action Packed Again

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Tonight, All-American Muslim was action packed. TLC has gone from one end of the spectrum to the other with the reality shows it airs. This is one, however, that hasn’t disappointed yet.

A Baby is Born

Nader and Nawal Aoude introduced their new baby, Naseem, to the world in this episode. The baby was a boy. Lucky for Nawal, her labor was fairly short and she pushed for a short 20 minutes. The little boy weighed in at just over 7lbs. Nader got nervous after the birth since it was time for him to whisper the Call to Prayer into his new son’s ear. This is a sacred Muslim tradition.

A Shock at the Mosque

Nina Bazzy-Aliahmad, who is usually a very racy woman, goes to Mosque with her parents. Her mother gets her to dress more conservatively, and she even wears a hijab. She felt uncomfortable and self-conscious, but she makes it through. It is unlikely that those who knew her were expecting her to show up to Mosque dressed like that. Later in the episode, she tells her mother about the nightclub she is opening. Her mother isn’t happy and says that not a single penny of her money will go to support that venture. Nina is worried that her choice may affect her family’s reputation in the community.

First Football Game During Ramadan

Ramadan is a sacred month of fasting for Muslims. The first game of the Fordson High School football season occurs during this month of fasting, and it is against Catholic Central High School, a tough opponent. This means that the kids must play through half of the fame before they are allowed to eat. The first two touchdowns of the game goes to the opponents and by the time the boys can get something to eat and oranges to drink, they need to produce some big plays.

Fordson High ultimately loses, but you have to give these guys credit for even trying as hard as they did while fasting. True to form, the Coach Zaban won’t let them use fasting as an excuse for the loss. He gives a good speech after the game and says they want to turn the season around.

The End of Ramadan

The All-American Muslim families have a special dinner at the Aoude house to break the Ramadan fast. Samira Amen-Fawaz is invited to the dinner, but she is unsure about seeing her friends with a baby. Nawal leaves to go pump breast milk. Nader is in charge of being the host. He quickly takes the men out to the garage, which is like the man cave for the families in Dearborn. When everyone is ready to eat, they all head out to the garage.

It is wonderful to see such a diverse group of Muslims on this show. Some of them hold fast to the strict Muslim customs and others try to skirt around certain things. While this may not be a totally accurate depiction of Muslims in America, it is a pretty good start.

Next week on All-American Muslim, Nawal experiences some difficulties as a first-time mom. Coach Zaban and the Fordson football team face Dearborn High.

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