‘All-American Muslim’ Sees the End of the Season with Questions Left Unanswered

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This week’s episode of All-American Muslim was the season finale, and much to the dismay of fans, it was a rather boring episode. It would seem like such a controversial television show would actually have some, well, controversial content in the season finale.

The most interesting part of the show was when Suehaila announced to her family that she wanted to move to Washington, D.C. Since she isn’t married, she still lives with her parents in Dearborn, Michigan. The announcement seemed to shock her parents, and her mother promptly let Suhaila know that moving out wasn’t a possibility. While TLC didn’t let viewers know what ultimately came of the discussion, Suehaila did reveal that she is still in Dearborn in a Patheos. So, no real drama there.

All-American Muslim was a very interesting show. Even though it wasn’t one of the top-rated reality shows, it did what it was supposed to do. It raised awareness about the Muslim-American community. The Learning Channel really lived up to its name with this reality show. Viewers got a chance to learn something instead of just staring at the screen for an entire show watching parents of screaming toddlers trying to get the children to look like miniature adults like in Toddlers & Tiaras. Now that show is a waste of time!

Hopefully, advertisers will stay onboard with the show so that it can return for a second season. Lowe’s Home Improvement Center and Kayak apparently don’t care about true American values, so All-American Muslim is better off without them. A huge thanks to the cast members for being so willing to show America a true depiction of Muslim-American life.

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