All Decade (2000) MLB Team

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Obviously this is a subject that could spark much debate because aside from Albert Puljols every other position has a few options.

Catcher: 1. Joe Mauer 2. Jorge Posada

First Base: 1. Albert Puljols 2. Justin Morneau

Second Base: 1. Alfonso Soriano 2. Brian Roberts

Shortstop: 1. Hanley Ramirez 2. Derek Jeter

Third Base: 1. Alex Rodriguez 2. David Wright

Left Field: 1. Barry Bonds 2. Manny Ramirez

Center Field: 1. Carlos Beltran 2. Johnny Damon

Right Field: 1. Ichiro 2. Guerrero

SP: 1. Doc Halladay 2. Pedro Martinez 3. Randy Johnson 4. Johan Santana 5. Josh Beckett

CP: 1. Mariano Rivera 2. Joe Nathan

Manager: Terry Francona 

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